Advertisement of restaurant among 250 clients for only 1,87 Euro?

Advertisement of restaurant among 250 clients for only 1,87 Euro?

16 mayıs 2015

Good advertisement is both cheap and effective.

Read whole article, it's worth it.

Let's imagine a situation in which we introduce new discount in a restaurant and we want to get to as broad audience as it is possible, especially to those who:

  • will be interested in that discount
  • will make a purchase

When we have unlimited budget we can spend plenty of money, untill we hit the bull's eye, but why? 
Would you spend 100 zł (~25 Euro) in order to get to your authentic 250 clients with your ad? 
If so, you would overpay exactly 92,52 zł. (~23,13 Euro)

We will show how to do it for only 7,48 zł (~ 1,87 Euro)
Whole process takes exactly 4 minutes and 12 seconds.

Reduction of costs of advertising is the first idea that comes to the mind of investor in such hard times, that is why instead of spending it on ways which do not provide certitude of reaching a client it is recommended to use those which cheaply enable it.

Is it worth spending 7,48 zł  (~ 1,87 Euro) on advert in order to get to over 250 clients who have visited your restaurant in last month? 
The hardest work was already done. A client came to your premises, have already visited it, used its service, now the only thing which have to be done is to interest him to that extent that he will come back.

In creation of campaign we have used remarketing in Spotlike. 
Cutting long story short, every person who logs in to the Wi-Fi network is marked with an appropriate remarketing Facebook pixel which provides that an advert will get to clients even after they leave your place.

How to do it - step by step.

  1. After installing Spotlike during some period of time I have gathered database of over 500 clients marked with a remarketing tag.
  2. I have created a list of clients-receivers who have visited the area of Stary Browar

    Lista klientów(screenshot of audience list) 

  3. I have published an advert for period of 2 days for overall budget of 7,48 zł  (~ 1,87 Euro)

    Reklama(screenshot of add) 

  4. After 2 days I have gathered the result, which not diverge strongly from the average, but in addition perfectly hit indicated target audience.

    Wyniki 1

    (screenshot of effects) 

    Wyniki 2(screenshot of effects) 

    Wyniki 3
    (screenshot of effects) 

The advertising of restaurant does not have to be expensive, but it has to be wise. Be as wise as the proprietors of Stary Browar, use the tools which will provide you results in return for low costs and do not overpay for ineffective traditional forms.

If you are an owner of restaurant and you do not know what campaign to lead, do not worry, we will train You. 
Contact us. It will be pleasure of us.