What is Wi-Fi Marketing and for who is it appropriate?

What is Wi-Fi Marketing and for who is it appropriate?

14 mayıs 2015

 Creation of Wi-Fi Marketing is strongly based on needs of nowadays consumer. The reason why its use is nearly obligatory is already discussed in the article 'Wi-Fi Marketing - 5 reasons why it is worth giving a try'. Today, on the other hand, we are about to elaborate on for who it is created, what it actually is and what are benefits of using it. It is a real revolution in marketing for stationary institutions and it can bring to your company possibilities, about which you have never thought, but which can entirely change and develop your business.

For who is the Wi-Fi Marketing?

For owners of such premises visited by clients as:

  • hotels and pensions;
  • cafes, restaurants;
  • conference halls;
  • shopping malls;
  • universities and offices;
  • all other places of public utility;

What Wi-Fi Marketing actually is?

Wi-Fi Marketing is innovative marketing solution aimed for firms, which are daily visited by customers. Your clients feel the need to remain online all the time - because of both business and private purposes - and at the same time they would like to use charge-off Wi-Fi network without using the Internet as a part of their subscription (limits are easily exceeded, what can appear to be expensive). It is worth enabling since your company might also benefit - thanks to Wi-Fi Marketing you can convey your clients marketing information at the time of logging in, as well as after they left your premises.

Why Wi-Fi Marketing is worth using?

Detailed answer for that question is provided in the article 'Wi-Fi Marketing - 5 reasons why it is worth giving a try' Feel free to read it.

6 main advantages of Wi-Fi Marketing

Profits emerging from the use of Wi-Fi Marketing are already discussed in separate article, we encourage everyone to get familiar with it! 

Hereunder we list by terms abilities of Wi-Fi Marketing:

  • Branding;
  • Directing a user to preselected by us contents (e.g. our page, landing page, our Facebook profile, mobile app);
  • Directing to a client marketing information in real time;
  • Gaining contact details of clients' who are visiting Your institution;
  • Ability of targeting advertisements depending client just after the moment he leaves our premises;
  • Gathering of statistical data about our customers.

Furthermore, Wi-Fi Marketing might turn out to be a recipe for the effect of diverted ROPO, that is inspecting a product in a stationary store, but finalizing purchases in cheaper e-store.

Wi-Fi Marketing is truly changing advertising capabilities of proprietors of companies daily visited by clients!