1519 surveys in 14 days for FREE

1519 surveys in 14 days for FREE

24 August 2015

Let's start from the beginning.

Nowadays, when clients don’t have time for pleasures, it is really hard to make any authoritative research. Satisfaction survey in real time would be the perfect solution, so this is what we did.

Marketing specialists are often reluctant to make a research which is clear as it is hard to obtain the opinion of people who left our base long time ago or, even worse, to assess whether the individual person is actually our client.

Of course, the best method is still the traditional one, which is to make a questionnaire and then summarize it, but this solution has three basic disadvantages:

  • it’s expensive
  • it’s time-consuming
  • it’s extremely hard to find pollsters who do their job well.

We will show you how to use Wi-Fi to strongly define the survey of customers as well as to get the reliable data on the basis of Neobus Polska company.

How to get 1519 surveys in 14 days for 0 zł?

Using one of Google tools to make surveys, we have prepared a simple survey pattern.

Neobus - survey

The tool is super easy to use, and what is more important, it helps to monitor the progress of results so that you are not forced to analyze the data by yourself.

We’ve used simple questions for the purpose of this case.

Link: http://www.google.com/insights/consumersurveys/home

We’ve distributed the survey via Wi-Fi.

Every Neobus bus is equipped with Wi-Fi. We’ve set the link to the survey on the home page. Every person who connected via Wi-Fi was redirected by default to the website with our questions. We’ve noticed two things:

  • clients could share their opinion with us on the basis of their own experiences,
  • the link to the survey wasn’t published in any external source, so the completed surveys we’ve got were filled only by our clients, which indicates hitting the target at 100%

14 days, 1519 surveys, 0 zł

During 14 days, our clients have voluntarily completed 1519 surveys assessing the level of satisfaction of the basic guidelines for coaches.

Results straight from Google. 

Blue box yes
Red box somewhat
Orange box no
Green box other


The last question was the most important: „If you could change something, what would it be?” 

Neobus Polska company has determined the direction of changes for the next 6 months on the basis of the answers.

This is the next reason why companies should monitor customers’ needs.


But why via Wi-Fi?

Firstly, Wi-Fi is spatially limited, so every person who connects is most likely our actual client. 

Secondly, while connecting via Wi-Fi clients are in our objects, so they share their opinion on the basis of experienced micro-moments, regardless of whether it is positive or negative.

Moreover, we can monitor the effects of satisfaction of each individual object by creating separate surveys.

Evaluation on the spur of the moment.

Paweł Tkaczyk’s article about micro-moments as a new marketing strategy* inspired us to publishing this case.
He claims that we should respond to customers’ needs by appropriate optimization of websites. But why don’t we investigate their needs on the basis of experienced micro-moments?
If the client who is actually in our object is able to share their opinion about the quality of services immediately on the basis of what they experience in the moment, it is the most valuable opinion we could ever get and observe.

Besides, large commercial networks, such as H&M Polska or Statoil, conduct such research using tablets located at cash registers or credit card readers. Both companies made a great decision to investigate the customers’ satisfaction, as it is one of the most crucial factors and it allows to evaluate each individual object.

* Paweł Tkaczyk „Mikromomenty - nowa strategia marketingowa”.