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Spotlike helps in maintaining contact with each person,
who visited your premises and connected to the Wi-Fi.

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Spotlike was created for every business offering free WIFI, where customers spend time using the WIFI checking their mobiles and using the internet.

It provides you with the ability to display advertisements, suggest liking your Facebook profile and the ability to contact them immediately after they leave your premises in order to offer them the benefits of coming back.

The hard work has already been done, your customer has visited your premises, now it’s time to encourage them to come back. That’s what Spotlike does.

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How does it work?



A client connects to Wi-Fi network.

Social media


Logs in to Facebook, thanks to what connects with the Internet.



During logging in he notices your advert.



You acquire the ability of contacting the client right after he leaves premises and you are able to provide him encouraging advantage of coming back.

What are our clients saying about us?

  • Maciej Trojniar [i]Spotlike[/i]

    Maciej Trojniar Spotlike


    Why have we created Spotlike?

    Because we noticed the need of a tool which creates a link with a client.
    Because we noticed the need of a tool which will be based on experience which we posses, not only working theoretically.
    Because we noticed the need of a tool which will be effective and cheap.
    Because we wanted to reduce costs of advertisements, which we had to bear while working in marketing departments.
    Because we consider communication with a client, who have already visited us once, as the most important.

    What we are willing to offer?

    We are willing to offer You easy communication with clients.
    We are willing to offer You the tool based on experience and practice.
    We are willing to offer You the tool which is effective, easy-in-use and good-looking.
    We are willing to help You to reduce costs of advertisement and make it even more precise. And what is the most important, we are willing to help You create a link with Your clients.
  • Jacek Świder [i]Neobus Poland[/i]

    Jacek Świder Neobus Poland


    Why have we chosen Spotlike?

    Because we want to be always first, one step ahead of the competition, that's why we allow ourselves to implement fresh solutions which are obviously profitable. We found Spotlike as a service full of benefits, that's why we installed it in our entire network.

    What have we gained?

    Possibility of creating our customers insights on particular routes, so we learn our clients better. Every passanger of ours is now redirected to our mobile website where he is familiarized with our new mobile order form.
  • Paweł Sarna [i]Shine Club[/i]

    Paweł Sarna Shine Club


    Why have we chosen Spotlike?

    We have seen Spotlike's capability since very beginning and that is why we have implemented it to every club we have in Rzeszów, Kraków and Lublin.
    We were convinced by simplicity of its work and possibilities offered.

    What have we gained?

    We are particularly pleased with its functionality which allows to gain 'Likes' from people who log in to the network, many of fake Facebook accounts were made and therefore display of official profile helped us in solving that problem.
    Additionally our caretakers of advertisement in the Internet use the tool in remarketing, due to what our target audience is strongly precise and it simply allows to save money.
  • Hubert Kawalec [i]Wyższa Szkoła Prawa i Administracji w Rzeszowie[/i]

    Hubert Kawalec Wyższa Szkoła Prawa i Administracji w Rzeszowie


    Why have we chosen Spotlike?

    As an outcome of our experience we know, that the smaller company the harder it tries to step out and while cooperating with such a big institute as our university, it attempt to do so even harder.
    Multiple times we have encountered a situation in which premises and companies wanted us to provide our students advertising which they could use.
    However, dealing vouchers etc. turned out to be too problematic for us. Spotlike solved that problem.

    What have we gained?

    We publish information for students by means of Spotlike and teach them, that by using Wi-Fi they gain additional discounts. They download them, and thereafter those who are interested in use them.
    Managing of that process have become dead easy and our students have acquired additional benefit, which earlier was out of their reach.
  • Sławomir Liskowicz [i]Stary Browar Rzeszowski[/i]

    Sławomir Liskowicz Stary Browar Rzeszowski


    Why we have chosen Spotlike?

    Since we have decided to install Spotlike system in our restaurant our clients ceased to ask about Wi-Fi password. Instead of that, they log into through their Facebook accounts. Owing to statistics, which are simultaneously monitored in client's panel, we gather information which provide us better understanding of guests' needs. We have found out, among other things, that - besides Poles - we are mostly visited by Italians, while the most favoured music genre is Indie Rock.
  • Olaf Przybyłowicz [i]PINK BOWLING & CLUB KRAKÓW[/i]

    Olaf Przybyłowicz PINK BOWLING & CLUB KRAKÓW


    Why have we chosen Spotlike?

    The main factor was money.
    Spotlike provides a solution of high quality with relatively cheap price and enables creation of our own advertisement.
    There are few similar services of Wi-Fi Marketing in the market, however, we consider this particular one as the most friendly to our customers as well as the most attractive for us while we consider the price.

    What have we gained?

    The tool which provides creation of our own advertisement and communication with clients.
    Managing of the system have never been so easy before and it do not require from us neither time nor work, it is trivial in use, and it is the easiest way to get to people in which we are most interested - those who have already visited our premises.
  • Dział Marketingu [i]Pomarańcza Group[/i]

    Dział Marketingu Pomarańcza Group


    Why have we chosen Spotlike?

    We think, that the solution provided by Spotlike perfectly suits to activities of our clubs.
    Spolike have met our expectations in club in Katowice, hence we gradually extend its functioning among other premises.
    Additionally it is uniquely cheap by taking into consideration possibilities offered, and when we convert it monthly cost of system is equal to few posters.

    What have we gained?

    We used Spotlike mainly to communicate with our clients and to display them coupons with discounts both when they visit our club, and when they leave it. Nevertheless, the most important benefit is that thanks to Spotlike we have reduced costs of creation of advertisement on Facebook.
  • Estera Nincevic [i]HOKUS POKUS gastrobar[/i]

    Estera Nincevic HOKUS POKUS gastrobar


    Why have we chosen Spotlike?

    Because it is the only solution of this type which provides entire personalisation of one's look according to our needs.
    Before deciding we had considered few other ideas, both from Poland and abroad, however, the relation between the price and quality met our requirements only here.

    What have we gained?

    Above all else our clients do not ask for Wi-Fi password anymore, due to what our employees have less on their plate.
    Additionally our Wi-Fi truly looks like ours.

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